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4 Most Popular Commercial Construction Types

Due to the pandemic, the commercial construction industry is being affected by ongoing changes in the global supply chain. Despite this, commercial construction projects of all sizes are being completed every day. Materials are becoming more expensive and limited availability is making it difficult for contractors to stay within budget. NOVAS Construction keeps clients informed at every stage of construction to ensure excellence every time.

We have extensive experience designing and developing structures of all types for businesses in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. Whether you need to build an apartment complex, government building, or corporate office, our services include a range of construction types. Schedule a consultation with us today and call (703) 731-7566 to get started on your project.

Below, are the following types of commercial construction projects that we specialize in:

Office & Educational Buildings

From small firms to major corporations, we pay close attention to the functional aspects of office buildings for law firms, government agencies, data centers, and more. Most commercial construction agencies utilize a cookie-cutter approach to design-and-build these particular projects.

However, NOVAS Construction takes into account accessibility to crucial features to ensure the safety and health of all occupants. For instance, bathrooms and fire escapes must be placed in specific locations to ensure easy access.

Healthcare Facilities

Over the years, healthcare design has evolved drastically, incorporating new technologies and supporting patient outcomes. We develop a long-term plan with you to better support the lifecycle of your health care facility.

To make our buildings more adaptable and sustainable, our designers and builders implement flexibility. The best-value solutions are identified by involving our clients as well as key stakeholders in the project.

Industrial Structures

Many companies that manufacture products on a consistent basis require space and storage for production equipment, which are often vast in size. Ceilings must be a specific height and rooms must be customized according to production function.

Safety is our top priority during every construction project. It’s standard for our team to adhere to all local, state, and federal building codes and regulations. Designed to minimize property damage, buildings save owners money on insurance and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in rebuilding following a natural disaster.

Residential Communities

All our commercial construction projects also follow different rules and regulations for building materials, electrical systems, plumbing, construction techniques, design, and size. Residential construction projects—apartments, condominiums, and assisted living communities—have larger, more complicated design requirements. If you don’t understand how to design a residential building according to industry guidelines, allow our team to assist you.

We remain current on construction regulations in a variety of industries to maintain our high construction standards. In addition, we also have access to the required residential materials and equipment as well as comply with the industry guidelines to ensure a simple, streamlined process.

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NOVAS Construction can provide timely information about your commercial construction project, new products, price increases, and other developments that may impact the construction industry. Our team is experienced and licensed to complete your project on time and according to your budget.

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